I recently flew out of Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. Before my Singapore Airlines flight, I spent some time checking out the Adani Lounge where the airline directs all of it’s Business and First/Suites Class passengers.

The lounge is split over 2 wings, the Eastern Wing and the Western Wing. Although I did not visit the Western Wing, I am reliably informed the only major distinction between the two is that the Western Wing has a separate section blocked-out for First Class passengers.


After clearing security and immigration, proceed through the duty free shops until you see the sign below;

Directions to Adani Lounge, Mumbai Airport

Turn left and carry on, you will go past the McDonalds following which you will immediately see the Adani Lounge. As you enter, there is a reception desk. I handed over the lounge passes to the staff which I had been provided at check-in, she stamped them and welcomed me to the facility.

Lounge Pass, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport


Further in, the lounge opens up into a large area which has been partitioned to create individual seating, relaxing and dining spaces. The 2 central sections of the lounge offers lots of seating.

Seating, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

Seating, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

Seating, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

Seating, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

There is a long table by the wall with high top seating and apron views. As I was at the lounge during the night time, I did not have clear views as the light reflected off the glass windows, but can imagine the seats being popular for spotting planes during the day.

High top seating, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

Night time window view, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

To the far left of the lounge, there is an area with a bunch of massage chairs. All lounge guests are offered a 15 minute complimentary foot massage which is quite a nice perk.

Massage Chairs, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

Bookings are essential as it can get quite busy with wait times extending over an hour. I made the rookie mistake of not seeking an appointment as soon as I arrived, by the time I went to make the booking, they could only offer a slot 40 minutes past the departure time of my flight 🤦🏼‍♂️


The dining area is located on the far right side of the lounge. It is fairly large with relaxed, cafe style seating. As you can see below, it was mighty busy at the time which made taking pictures tricky.

Dining Area, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

Dining Area, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

Dinner was being served, the offerings were mainly Indian with some fruits and salad thrown in the mix.

Dinner, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

Dinner, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

Dinner, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

Dinner, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

For desserts, there were Indian sweets as well as muffins, pastries and pudding.

Desserts, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

Desserts, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

There were soft drinks, various fruit juices and bottled water in a cooler nearby. For something stronger, you can head over to the bar next to the dining space.

Bar, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

Other Amenities

Besides complimentary 15 minute foot massage, the lounge offers showers and toilets on either end of the facility. They looked clean and there were staff milling around servicing them after each use.

Bathroom, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

Bathroom, Adani Lounge Mumbai Airport

Lastly, guests had access to free Wi-Fi throughout the lounge, although I did not get a chance to try it.

In Conclusion

These days, Adani lounge is the only good option for passengers departing on International flights from Mumbai. In older days, the airport also had airline specific lounges such as the Emirates & British Airways lounges. When the new terminal (T2) opened in 2014, the airport operator did away with those in favour of a unified Business & First Class lounge for all airline passengers.

I thought the lounge was fine, although the owners could improve it further by introducing some non-Indian dishes too. Even for someone like me who grew up eating Indian food, some variety would be welcome.

The lounge is not part of the Priority Pass or Lounge Key network of lounges, so it can only be accessed by passengers flying in the premium cabins. That said, the lounge gets overcrowded as is, so I can’t imagine how much worse it would be if it opted to welcome even more guests.

Have you visited the Adani Lounge at Mumbai Airport? Leave a comment below.


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