After flying in from Sydney I had a whistle-stop layover in Kuala Lumpur. I was flying to Jakarta the following morning and wanted to get to the airport early as I had planned to check out the Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge.

I left the hotel at 6 am & made it to the airport by 6:45, unfortunately my Grab driver dropped me at the KLIA Terminal 2. The lounge is located at the Satellite terminal and the Aerotrain weren’t operating at that time, so I had to take the bus to get to the Satellite terminal and lost a precious half hour in trying to get there.


Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge is located in the Satellite Terminal of Kuala Lumpur International Airport. This is the terminal most Oneworld carrier operate long-haul flights from so it is convenient in that respect.

One thing to be aware of is that the Platinum Lounge isn’t a standalone lounge, rather, a section of the Golden Lounge has been converted into an exclusive space for passengers flying First Class and for Oneworld Emerald members.

Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge

As you enter, there is a large reception area straight up.

Reception, Malaysia Airlines Golden/Platinum Lounge

The Golden lounge, which is the dedicated Business Class lounge is to the left. If you are flying Business Class, or are a oneworld Sapphire elite flying Economy or Premium Economy the staff will direct you to this lounge.

Then on the right side of the reception desks, there is a small corridor leading to the Platinum Lounge. This is marked by a sign on the wall.

Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge Signage

As the sign says, the First Class area of the lounge only accepts passengers flying First Class with Malaysia Airlines and other Oneworld member airlines such as Qantas and British Airways, plus the top tier elites with the OneWorld Emerald status.

The lounge offers separate relaxing and dining spaces. As you come through, the dining room is to your right. It was closed when I first got there so I went and had a look at the sitting area. There were only a couple of people there at the time.

As you come up the ramp and enter the lobby through the large glass door, there are a bunch of chairs. They appeared overdue for replacement.

Ramp access to Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge

Sitting Area, Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge

Further down, the lounge opens up into a large, narrow, 2-tier sitting space. The upper tier features a row of chairs on one side. There were all kinds of artwork on the wall alongside.

Sitting Area, Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge

Sitting Area, Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge

There are Male/Female Toilets, Showers and Parents room at the end of the corridor. The place felt a little too deserted so I did not venture inside to take a closer look at the facilities.

Guest Amenities, Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge

Guest Amenities, Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge

The lower tier offers tonnes of seating too. There was a row of couches & chairs overlooking the tarmac through the large glass windows.

Sitting Area, Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge

Sitting Area, Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge

Plus another set up with the chairs grouped together.

On the whole, I thought this was a decent enough place to relax or read a book waiting for your flight, but not somewhere I would make an effort to get early or spend an extended period of time.

I then headed over to the dining room which had just opened. It featured restaurant style seating with each of the tables adorned in crisp, white table cloth and silverware.

Dining Room, Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge

Dining Room, Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge

I was greeted by the hostess who said I was welcome to sit anywhere, so I picked one of the tables with tarmac views. The views from dining room were far clearer than the sitting room.

Dining Room, Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge

Dining Room, Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge

A Breakfast Menu with both Asian and Western options was presented.

Breakfast Menu, Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge

I ordered the Chicken Noodle Soup to kick things off, it came with chopped green chillies dipped in soya sauce and tasted incredibly delish.

Breakfast, Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge

Next I moved on to the other option which was the standard English Breakfast. The scrambled egg was creamy, hash-brown crunchy and the baked beans were perfectly cooked. The presentation of the dish was spot-on. I also ordered a cappuccino to finish things off.

Breakfast, Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge

Cappuccino, Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge

The whole dining experience was fabulous and worthy of the First Class lounge, which Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge is. At some point in future I would love to return, preferably during lunch or dinner service to experience the offerings.

With time ticking by and my flight departing from a different terminal, I took leave of the hostess and proceeded to catch the Aerotrain which had commenced operations for the day.

In Conclusion

I was pleased to be able to experience the Malaysia Airlines Platinum lounge. I haven’t yet had an opportunity to check out the Business Class section of the Golden lounge so can’t say really how big a leap it is over the Business lounge.

While there’s a lot to like about the facility, one aspect that many discerning travellers value and expect from a First Class lounge is privacy and relative tranquillity. And on those 2 counts, Malaysia Airlines Platinum lounge delivers the goods.

Have you visited the Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge? Leave a comment below.


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