Here’s a chance to pocket 3,000 bonus Qantas points over the next 3 weeks.

How does it work

Woolworths is currently running a promotion where rewards members can earn up to 3,000 bonus Qantas points just by completing their weekly grocery shopping. The promotion is NOT targeted and anybody can take advantage of this offer. Activation of the offer is required prior to completing your shop, which you can do over here.

The first week commenced yesterday, so there are only 6 days left to participate and benefit from the offer.

This is how it works.

Weekly spend offer

Week 1

Spend a minimum of $30 in 1 transaction between 2nd and 8th March to collect 1,000 bonus rewards points.

Week 2

Spend a minimum of $40 in 1 transaction between 9th and 15th March to collect 2,000 bonus rewards points.

Week 3

Spend a minimum of $50 in 1 transaction between 16th and 22nd March and collect 3,000 bonus rewards points.

Woolworths rewards points convert to Qantas points at the ratio of 2:1 (2 rewards points = 1 Qantas point). If you successfully complete the promotion, you could earn yourself a cool 3,000 Qantas points for spending money that you are probably going to spend anyway.

Woolworths rewards to Qantas conversion ratio
Every 2,000 Woolworths rewards points convert to 1,000 Qantas points

If you value Qantas points at 1.5c per point, that’s like getting $45 back on a $120 spend. Do I hear you say ‘Take my money already’? 🙂

Since the bonus points are awarded on meeting each of the weekly spends, there is no compulsion to shop over all 3 weeks to earn points. That said, if you have skipped the previous week, you can’t earn points by meeting the spend in the following week. Given that the promotion gets progressively more valuable over weeks 2 and 3, there is no reason not to follow through all the way.

In Conclusion

This is a heck of a deal and if you are even moderately interested in collecting Qantas Frequent Flyer points, you should be looking to complete this promotion successfully. It used to be that flybuys had a major advantage of Woolworths rewards, courtesy its partnership with Velocity Frequent Flyer program.

That is no longer the case as Woolworths rewards have significantly upped their game and now offer frequent and rather lucrative promotions, plus a more favourable conversion rate to Qantas points compared to its competitor. Don’t forget to activate the offer before you go out and shop.

Do you wish to take advantage of the offer? Leave a comment below.


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