Here’s an awesome promo just about anybody should be taking advantage of. IHG One Rewards are handing out free Platinum status for 120 days with an opportunity to keep it or upgrade to Diamond until December 2023.

To cover it under a cloak of respectability & not give the impression that they are doling out free status willy-nilly, IHG are calling it a status match, but don’t let that fool you. You don’t even need to be a member of another hotel loyalty program, let alone hold some kind of status in it to be matched to IHG Platinum.

You will need an IHG account though, before you can apply for the status match, so if you don’t currently have one, sign-up over here.

Requesting a status match

Here are the steps you need to follow to earn IHG Platinum status:

  • Head over to the Registration Page.
  • Select a corresponding loyalty program from the list & your supposed status 😁 that you wish to match to IHG Platinum.
  • Enter your email address or IHG One Rewards Membership number when prompted.
  • Registrations must be completed by 31st July 2022.

Once you have gone through the above steps, you should receive an email confirming that you are successfully registered for the status match. The 120 days commence from the date of registration.

Your current IHG status will also be immediately upgraded to Platinum.

I went through the registration process which barely took a minute and then logged onto the IHG app which immediately reflected my elevated Platinum status. Sweet.

I earned IHG Platinum status instantly

Keep Platinum or upgrade to Diamond

Your complimentary IHG Platinum status is good for 120 days, but you could extend it or move up to Diamond by meeting the following stay requirements:

  • You can extend your Platinum status until December 2023 if you stay a minimum of 5 eligible nights during the 120 days of qualifying period.
  • You can upgrade to IHG Diamond status and keep it until December 2023 if you stay a minimum of 15 eligible nights during the 120 days of qualifying period.

The Platinum & Diamond status usually come with spending 40 and 70 nights a year respectively, so to be able to scale those heights with a fraction of the effort tells you what a phenomenal promotion this is.

InterContinental Adelaide is a IHG Property

While Platinum status bestows perks such as 60% bonus points and a choice of welcome amenity on the status holder, Diamond status is much more valuable and includes practical benefits such as free hot breakfast, 100% bonus points and a dedicated Diamond support phone line.

To be clear, IHG define eligible stay as a paid stay where the room price is a minimum of US$ 30 (about A$ 43).

In Conclusion

IHG One Rewards are giving away Platinum status to just about anybody who could be bothered applying. It is then possible to extend or upgrade the status with significantly scaled-back requirements. Even if you are not loyal to IHG but anticipate any upcoming stay with IHG, it is worthwhile registering and acquiring the status for 120 days.

Personally speaking, I definitely plan to retain Platinum by staying 5 nights over the coming weeks as this is something I can easily achieve. At this time, I do not see myself staying a further 10 nights to acquire Diamond as my near term travel plans are all locked-in, but we shall see.

Do you plan to apply for the status match? Leave a comment below.

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