Over the last few days, flybuys have sent members a range of Mother’s Day bonus points offers. The offers are targeted, so the best way to find out whether or not your account is targeted, is through logging into your flybuys account. With the ongoing Velocity transfer bonus promo, this may be a good time to scoop-up some flybuys points and send them across to your Velocity account, with a 15% bonus.

If you do plan to take advantage of these offers, make sure you activate the offer prior to making the purchase. The 3 household accounts I manage have all been targeted with different offers. Some of these are:

Coles Group & Myer Card – 10x points

Coles Myer Card 10x points

Members targeted with this offer can earn up to 10 flybuys points per dollar on purchasing Coles Group & Myer Gift card. If you shop at Coles, you would have seen this card in the giftcard section of your supermarket. These cards do not come pre-loaded, rather you take them to the check-out and get the cashier to load an amount of your choice. There is no minimum or maximum limit.

If you bought a $200 Coles Group & Myer Card, that will give you up to 2,000 flybuys points, which, with the current 15% bonus can be transferred to Velocity for 1,000 Velocity points.

The card is as good as Cash at all the stores it is accepted. Besides Coles, you can redeem it at places like Kmart, Target, Myer, Officeworks to name a few. You can check out the full list of participating stores on this link. The sheer flexibility and versatility of this card means that we rarely see bonus points offer on them.

So if you happen to be the lucky recipient of this targeted offer, LOAD-UP.

Coles Gift Mastercard – Up to 1,000 points

Coles Gift Mastercard bonus flybuys offer

If you are targeted with this offer, you have the opportunity to earn up to 1,000 bonus flybuys points upon purchasing a $100 Coles Gift Mastercard. A lower $50 spend will give you 500 bonus points. The cards come pre-loaded with $50 and $100 credit, and bonus points are awarded only on purchase of one or both of these qualifying cards (capped at 1,000 flybuys points). There is a $5.99 card purchase fee.

In terms of using the card, you should have no trouble doing so. The card is accepted everywhere Mastercard is accepted, which is at more than 38 million locations worldwide. Remember though, there is a 3% foreign currency transaction fee on non Australian dollar spends.

Target – 15x points Storewide

Target 15x points Storewide

One of the accounts I manage has received this offer, though there appear to be a few different variants of this offer floating around. Some members have been targeted for up to 25 flybuys points per dollar spent, storewide, while others have reportedly received less generous offers, such as this one :

Target bonus flybuys points offer

There is another widely targeted offer from Target offering 1,000 bonus flybuys points :

Target Click & Collect bonus flybuys points offer

If you have any of these offers showing up in your account, remember to stack them and maximise the points earn on your purchases.

2,000 bonus flybuys points on purchase of select giftcards

bonus flybuys points on uber, hoyts etc

This offer is NOT targeted, and is available to all flybuys members. You simply need to purchase a giftcard of $50 or more, for any of these businesses and scan your flybuys card to earn 2,000 bonus flybuys points. With the ongoing 15% transfer bonus, this is equivalent to 1,000 Velocity points.

Off all the giftcards offered here, Uber, Hoyts and Ticketek will appeal to a lot of people. Although the offer can only be availed once per flybuys account, households with multiple fluybuys accounts can purchase different cards under different accounts and collectively walk away with a very handsome points return.

In Conclusion

I love collecting flybuys points, mainly due to its close relationship with Velocity Frequent Flyer Program. There is a 15% bonus available to flybuys members on transfers to Velocity in the month of May, which makes these offers all the more attractive.

Most of these offers are targeted and set to expire in few days. So if you wish to benefit from them, you must act soon. Also, make sure you are using a card that earn bonus points on supermarket spends, such as the American Express Platinum Edge. Personally speaking, I have already taken advantage of few of these offers and may do so again over the next day or two.

Do you collect flybuys points? What offers have you been targeted with? Leave a comment below.

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