Back in May, we saw Velocity & 7-Eleven come together and offer motorists a chance to earn Velocity points on fuel & in-store purchase. You can read more about the partnership over here.

Ordinarily, Velocity members earn :

  • 2 Points per litre on premium fuel (Extra 95, Mobil 98 Supreme+).
  • 1 Point per litre on regular fuel ( Special Unleaded 91, Special E10, Special Diesel).
  • 2 Points per $1 spent on in-store purchase such as food, drinks and other eligible items.

Velocity members can earn points at 7-Eleven

Earn Double points on Fuel

Starting today and until 30th August, members have the opportunity to earn:

  • 4 Points per litre on premium fuel.
  • 2 Points per litre on regular fuel.

There is no change to the earning rate on in-store purchase, members will continue to earn 2 points per $1.

In Conclusion

This is the first bonus points promotion we have seen since Velocity & 7-Eleven joined hands in May. With Qantas & BP offering near non-stop bonus points promotions, we might just be witnessing the battle for your fuel-money starting to heat up.

If you live anywhere outside of Greater Sydney and surrounds, this is excellent news as you can take full advantage of this promotion. Sadly for the rest of us in lock-down, we will have to sit this one out.

Do you plan to take advantage of this promotion? Leave a comment below.

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